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The Untouchable at the Touch of a Finger


Sure, things are still printed, but most things you can either do or get without leaving the computer, or your mobile device.

Business horizons have broadened. I can have a client in Europe, one on the east coast, one in Nevada, one in Hawaii. I can see them, talk to them, email them and share my computer screen with them while sitting at my desk or in a cafe.

I've even set up my accounting and invoicing to accept digital payments.


Imagine my flabergastery when I received a paper check in the mail. Complete with that tear-y off thingie.

"What's this?" I ask? It was the first payment I've received as a sole propreitor. It put a big, fat grin on my face and I didn't even make it home from the mailbox before I'd logged into my banking app to make my first deposit.

DENIED! Error. 'You've exceeded your daily deposit limit,' read the message on my screen.

My heart sank. I coulcn't get my money in the bank without GOING there? WHAT the WHAT?

I haven't been to a brick and mortar bank in eons. I can get cash when I grocery shop, transfer or pay bills with an app and deposit money electronically. You can even get a bank account now online. My accounting system is online. I pay for just about everything with a credit or debit card.

So, I ended up driving up the street to my house and posting my exasperation on Facebook. The bank errand waited unil the morning, and I used the teller like I used to. Years ago.

On the bright side, I'd like to be exceeding my mobile deposit limit regularly, so back to work I go, in my digital world! Sort of.

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